What’s the Hokkaido Michi-no-Eki Go app?

”The Hokkaido Michi-no-eki Go app” promotes Hokkaido’s Michi-no-Ekis (Roadside Rest Areas) . It is the official app of Hokkaido’s Michi-no-Ekis.The app has been developed to encourage many drivers, including foreign tourists, to enjoy a safe and comfortable drive in Hokkaido and to go and stop at more Michi-no-Ekis.

Its “automatic stamp acquisition” function automatically sends you a Michi-no-Eki stamp image for the Michi-no-Eki Stamp Rally when you visit a Michi-no-Eki. The app also sends you a drive various information such as road signs, scenic byway information (scenery information), roadkill information, traffic safety information, Sightseeing information with images and sounds in multiple languages, while driving in Hokkaido. The app also opens a link to the Hokkaido Michi-no-Eki Network website and explains how to access Wi-Fi hotspots at Michi-no-Ekis (“Michi-no-Eki SPOTs”). It may expire earlier than without notice if you update your OS.


Contact Information about the App and the Digital Stamp Rally

HOKKAIDO DEVELOPMENT ENGINEERING CENTER「the Hokkaido Michi-no-Eki GO App」person in charge

2-17,Kita 11-jo, Nishi 2-chome, Kita-ku, Sapporo 001-0011
TEL:011-738-3363(Applications and inquires accepted from9:00 to 17:00 except Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.
E-mail:driveinfo@decnet.or.jp (Always accepted)

Take part in the Michi-no-eki Stamp Rally through automatic stamp acquisitions on your iPhone!

How to download the App

You can enjoy the App “Hokkaido Michi-no-eki GO” only on iOS. We are very sorry, but Android is not supported. You can download the App from the following “App Store” site.

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iOS version download (external site)

“Hokkaido Michi-no-Eki GO” (free App)